How To Reduce The Cycle Time Of Paint Bucket Mould?


  For plastic injection molds and Paint Bucket Mould , […]

  For plastic injection molds and Paint Bucket Mould , a short cycle time is very important, and it can directly bring benefits.


  For example: for the paint bucket mould, the cycle time is 45s, and we can produce 80 paint buckets in one hour. If we can reduce the cycle time to 35s, 102 paint buckets can be produced in one hour, which is 22 more paint buckets than the injected 45s cycle time. You can calculate that 176 buckets may increase in 8 hours a day.


  How to reduce the cycle time of paint bucket mold? We can consider from 3 ways:


  The first point. Design: The injection system with hot runner or insulated gate can save runner material and cutting runner time;


  Have enough cooling channels to have a good cooling effect, thereby helping to reduce the cooling time;


  Discharge system: First discharge the air on the cavity side to keep the bucket on the core side, then move the slider out, and then discharge the bucket by the unloading plate. These 3 actions should take effect quickly, thereby helping to reduce ejection time.


  The second point. Coating copper beryllium on the top of the core side for better cooling and reducing cooling time, sometimes coating copper beryllium on the top of the cavity side slider.


  3. The produced mold must be suitable for high-speed injection molding machine to ensure its normal operation.


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