Icecream Bucket Mould, Pail Mould


  About mold design, the main structure are similar, wh […]

  About mold design, the main structure are similar, what make the difference is the detail, such as the cooling system design, ejection system design.Paint pail mould need to be sealed and packaged accurately.

  Besides,other reasons,like non-proper plastic pail mould design or bad polish work on the core and cavity.With rich experience and good price in making pail moulds.Various reinforcement measures should be taken to slightly extend the four side walls of the bucket to improve the rigidity.

  Corrosion resistance, toughness, thermal conductivity and hardness of good materials make polishing easier.Pail Mould is suitable in pail mould, Injection oil bucket mould, Icecream bucket mould, Pail Mould.

  Improving the production efficiency of the product and greatly reducing the production cost.The cooling system design near the hot runner tip area is very important, this area is very sensitivity.And a reasonable thickness can guarantee quality while saving costs.Paint bucket moulds which we made are known for being long lasting and easy maintenance.

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