Molds For Plastic Bucket Moulds, Packaging Molds


  Reducing the cooling time during injection molding, i […]

  Reducing the cooling time during injection molding, improving the production efficiency of the product and greatly reducing the production cost.Different from normal bucket mold with round design, we make it as hexagon,ensure thickness uniform.

  According the capability, from 100ML to 20L.Quality is the life of our company; we focus on quality and time control.Thus you shall confirm the quality of the 18L pail mould.

  Plastic Bucket Mould is a professional plastic injection mold manufacturing enterprise located.Mainly develop molds for plastic bucket moulds, packaging molds, daily necessities moulds, and we supply turnkey solution for industrial packaging.

  In the past years, we gained a lot of great experience in how the improve the plastic painting bucket mould pass the drop test.We have concluded some technical points to share with you.The bucket and lid must be well assembled, otherwise the lid will fall separately after leaking the paint.

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