• How To Degate After Injection Molding?

      In order to eliminate the secondary operation of demolding, injection molds have been developed that automatically demold the parts from the runner system through the opening movement of the mold.     Self-degassing principle     Self demolding requires two parting lines in the mold. On the first parting line, the melt is distributed fr... read more

    Jul 15,2021 Industry News
  • Elements of Plastic Mold Tooling Costs

      In addition to the time (in hours) required to manufacture tools for a given plastic part, material items, tool maintenance and amortization are also included in estimates. It must also include the indirect costs of maintaining the tools.     The cost of die steel is usually proportional to the labor involved.     But it should be estim... read more

    Jul 22,2021 Industry News
  • Estimating System for Plastic Molds

      The cost estimation of plastic molding needs to consider several factors. These factors can be listed as follows:       1. Mold cost estimation.       2. Cost estimation of plastic materials and other raw materials.       3. Estimate manufacturing operations.       4. A summary of cost factors in a standard... read more

    Jul 29,2021 Industry News
  • What Hardness For Plastic Molds?

      How hard should the plastic mold be? Since the first attempt to exchange plastic mold design ideas, the storm in the teacup has been raging.     For a molder, 48 Rockwell "C" is enough; for another 54 years old, and another one does not accept anything under 60 years old.     In use, the mold hardness for economic operation is as low as... read more

    Aug 05,2021 Industry News
  • The Design Of A Simple Injection Type Mold

      An injection mold is a mold into which the plastic material is introduced from an external heating or plasticizing cylinder.   This mold runs at a constant temperature; cool, or slightly warm.   Injection molds are mainly used for thermoplastic materials, which are shaped as they cool.   The main components are the cavity, the cavity fixing plate... read more

    Aug 12,2021 Industry News