• Packaging Mould Manufacturers Introduce The Applicable Scope Of Packaging Mold

    In the process of exporting and shipping large-scale precision molds, electronic products, and mechanical equipment, metal products are corroded by high salt spray, high humidity, and saline-alkali erosion in the harsh atmospheric environment of the sea, resulting in incalculable loss of products. Packaging dies and mechanical equipment can protect... read more

    Oct 29,2021 Industry News
  • 20l Pail Mould Manufacturers Introduces The Characteristics Of Plastic Mold Manufacturing

    20L Pail Mould Manufacturers introduces the characteristics of plastic mold manufacturing: 1. The high quality of precision mold manufacturing requires not only high processing accuracy but also good surface quality. Generally speaking, the manufacturing tolerance of the working part of the mold should be controlled within ±0.011mm, and some even r... read more

    Nov 05,2021 Industry News
  • Plastic Pail Mould Manufacturers Introduces The Characteristics Of Plastic Bucket Molds

    Plastic Pail Mould Manufacturers introduces the characteristics of plastic bucket molds: 1. The plastic barrel is beautiful and smooth inside and outside, seamless without welding, lightweight, good strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and convenient to transport. 2. Long service life, under normal filling, tr... read more

    Nov 12,2021 Industry News
  • 20l Bucket Mould Manufacturers Introduces The Role Of Molds

    20L Bucket Mould Manufacturers introduces the role of molds: (1) The mold industry is an integral part of the high-tech industry. For example, the design and manufacture of integrated circuits in the high-tech field cannot be done without the precision progressive die for the lead frame and the precision integrated circuit plastic film; the manufac... read more

    Nov 18,2021 Industry News
  • Handle Mould Manufacturers Introduces The Processing Requirements Of Plastic Molds

    Handle Mould Manufacturers introduced what requirements generally need to be met in the processing and manufacturing of plastic molds? 1. High manufacturing precision. In order to produce qualified products and give full play to the skills of plastic molds, the design and manufacture of plastic molds must have high precision. The accuracy of the pl... read more

    Nov 26,2021 Industry News