Mould Designs Require Several Complicated Steps


People working in injection mold design companies shoul […]

People working in injection mold design companies should have a comprehensive understanding of the most important aspects of mold design.


Thermal design
One of the most important aspects of mold design is the cooling system. It plays a vital role in the quality and productivity of the final part. In the molding process, longer cooling time means longer cycle time. Short cooling time means short cycle time.

Designing a suitable cooling system for the part will ensure the best cycle time-cooling time should not be limited by the cooling design, but by the part design. The thicker wall part will naturally have a longer cooling time.

With proper cooling design, the mold will be able to cool during mold opening and closing. This means that the distance between the water channel and the molding surface and the distance between the cooling channels are critical.


Runner design
Runner design includes cold runner and hot runner design. Which is better? Both have their positions, and the choice depends on the design of the part, the capacity of the molding machine, the production quantity and the price of the mold.

Hot runners are used for large-capacity, thin-walled parts (such as food containers). In order to be competitive on thin walls, high throughput is necessary, so fast cycle time and high cavitation are required. Hot runner can only do this.

In order to design molds for thin-walled parts, injection mold designers who specialize in such tools are required. Do not use designers who have only general molding experience.

The cold runner is suitable for single-cavity or multi-cavity molds with medium and low production requirements. When the cold runner pops up between each cycle, the cold runner makes the color change fast and easy. The hot runner needs time to change color.


Ejection design
A poorly designed ejector system will affect part quality and productivity. A good design will consistently produce parts in the best cycle.

The mold will run fully automatically without manual intervention. This means that molders can operate efficiently, deliver on time and stay competitive at the lowest cost.

Common ejection systems use ejection pins, stripping rings or air pressure. The system used depends on the part design, Plastic Pail Mould material, mold price, production quantity requirements and machine capacity.

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