Packaging Mould Manufacturers Introduces The Characteristics Of The Mold Manufacturing Process


Packaging Mould Manufacturers introduces the characteri […]

Packaging Mould Manufacturers introduces the characteristics of the mold manufacturing process:

(1) Try to use universal general-purpose machine tools, general-purpose tool measuring tools, and instruments when processing molds, and reduce the number of special second-class tools as much as possible.

(2) In-mold design and manufacturing, the actual matching method, the same boring method, etc. are often used, which reduces the interchangeability of mold parts. This is an effective measure to ensure processing accuracy and reduce processing difficulty. In the future, with the improvement of processing technology, the degree of interchangeability will increase.

(3) In the arrangement of the manufacturing process, the process should be relatively concentrated to ensure the quality and progress of mold processing, simplify management and reduce process turnaround time.

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