• Bucket Mould Invention And Its Design

      The Bucket Mould has not been discovered, it can always shape the shape of the barrel, and the barrel handle can swing left and right without reservation. In fact, it can become a different part from the rest of the bucket when in use, while still being captured by the bucket.     Some of the plans announced in the above-mentioned license ar... read more

    Mar 11,2021 Industry News
  • 3 Tips For Calculating The Correct Press Size For Your Plastic Injection Project

      Are you a product designer or engineer looking for more information on how to improve the design efficiency of plastic parts in terms of cost and production time? An important consideration in the part design process is to have a full understanding of the basic knowledge of injection molding machines, including the machine dimensions required for... read more

    Mar 18,2021 Industry News
  • What Kind Of Preform Mold Is Good?

      What are the options for hot runner nozzles? Yizheng technicians pointed out: product quality, product design, plastic raw materials, molds, cycles, gates, nozzles, runners, temperature controllers, and injection molding machine performance. When we have a very accurate understanding of these, we can choose a suitable hot runner nozzle for it. Ho... read more

    Mar 26,2021 Industry News
  • How To Reduce The Cycle Time Of Paint Bucket Mould?

      For plastic injection molds and Paint Bucket Mould , a short cycle time is very important, and it can directly bring benefits.     For example: for the paint bucket mould, the cycle time is 45s, and we can produce 80 paint buckets in one hour. If we can reduce the cycle time to 35s, 102 paint buckets can be produced in one hour, which is 22 ... read more

    Apr 01,2021 Industry News
  • How Much Does Plastic Injection Molding Cost?

      At least to some extent, asking about the cost of plastic injection molds is similar to asking "how much is a car?" Is your mold Pinto or Porsche? And don't forget that the price of molds is just the beginning. In order to determine the overall plastic injection cost of any project, you must also consider raw material, operating and maintenance c... read more

    Apr 08,2021 Industry News