Precautions For Maintenance Of Plastic Bucket Mould


Precautions for maintenance of Plastic Bucket Mould : & […]

Precautions for maintenance of Plastic Bucket Mould :


1. When the injection mold is being maintained, it is necessary to check the parts according to the drawings. Even if there is no special instruction, the inspection should be stopped when entering the warehouse; the size of the mold parts that do not conform to the drawing rules can not be modified without authorization, and the spacers or gaskets can not be used to stop additional insertion, etc.; mold maintenance after the completion of the consumer order, It is necessary to refer to the problem points provided by the consumer department, the records of the consumer department and the final product stop; in the mold maintenance, if a serious problem is found, it should be reported to the supervisor immediately and wait for instructions.


2. Detailed requirements for the maintenance of injection molds: when changing mold parts, confirm that the quality of the parts to be changed is qualified; disassembly and assembly of each part should be tapped and slowly pressed; when mold inserts are assembled, confirm that the fit-gap is qualified; prevent the appearance of parts No curls, scratches, pits, dross, defects, rust, etc.; if there are parts changes, communicate and confirm with the mold design department in time. Before and after disassembly of the mold, pay attention to maintaining the balance of each part; if there is a need to change Parts must be changed in time.


3. Daily maintenance must be stopped carefully and carefully to ensure that the mold is kept in the best condition at the time.

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