The Lid Mold Is Small But Not Simple


The Cover Mould is an important tool for mass productio […]

The Cover Mould is an important tool for mass production of bottle caps. It seems that a simple and small bottle cap actually contains a lot of technical content.
Looking at the information, we found that the processing principle of bottle cap mold injection is roughly as follows. Operate the same nozzle to inject two kinds of raw materials into the mold, first inject the outer layer of raw materials and the inner layer of raw materials will be wrapped inside, The flow channel can be designed with a closed structure. This method is generally used to process two products that do not combine raw materials. Under normal circumstances, because of cost considerations, cheap raw materials can be used as products. The inner layer or the outer layer.
We will make corresponding molds according to specific requirements. We strictly follow industry standards to produce. If there is a choice of cost and quality, we will be more inclined to choose the latter, because we hope to have customer satisfaction feedback.

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