20l Pail Mould Manufacturers Introduces The Characteristics Of Plastic Mold Manufacturing


20L Pail Mould Manufacturers introduces the characteris […]

20L Pail Mould Manufacturers introduces the characteristics of plastic mold manufacturing:

1. The high quality of precision mold manufacturing requires not only high processing accuracy but also good surface quality. Generally speaking, the manufacturing tolerance of the working part of the mold should be controlled within ±0.011mm, and some even require it to be in the micron range. The surface defect requirements after mold processing are very strict, and the surface roughness of the working part requires Ra<0.8 um.

2. Complicated shape The working parts of precision molds are generally two-dimensional or three-dimensional complex surfaces (especially cavity molds), rather than simple geometrical surfaces of general machining.

3. Mold production is single-piece, multi-variety production. Each pair of molds can only produce parts with specific shapes, sizes, and precisions. In the manufacturing process, use general-purpose machine tools, general-purpose measuring tools, and instruments as much as possible, and reduce the number of special tools as much as possible. In the manufacturing process arrangement, the process is required to be relatively concentrated to ensure the quality and accuracy of mold processing, simplify management and reduce process turnaround time.

4. High hardness of materials. Plastic molds are actually a kind of machining tool with high hardness requirements. They are generally made of quenched alloy tool steel or cemented carbide. If they are made by traditional machining methods, they are often more difficult, so the mold processing method is different from general mechanical processing.

5. Short production cycle Due to the acceleration of product upgrading and increasingly fierce market competition, the mold production cycle is required to be shorter and shorter. The production management, design, and process of the mold should meet this requirement, and the design, manufacturing, and standardization of the mold should be improved to shorten the manufacturing cycle.


6. Complete production. When a certain part needs multiple molds for processing, the product produced by the previous mold is the blank of the Houyi mold. The mold parts are mutually implicated and restricted. Only the final part is qualified, this series of molds is Qualified. This feature must be fully considered in the production and planning of the mold.

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