Packaging Mould Manufacturers Introduce The Applicable Scope Of Packaging Mold


In the process of exporting and shipping large-scale pr […]

In the process of exporting and shipping large-scale precision molds, electronic products, and mechanical equipment, metal products are corroded by high salt spray, high humidity, and saline-alkali erosion in the harsh atmospheric environment of the sea, resulting in incalculable loss of products. Packaging dies and mechanical equipment can protect the products from reaching their destinations safely.


Packaging Mould Manufacturers introduced that packaging mold has good water-proof, oxygen-proof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, and embroidery-proof functions, and is widely used as the first choice for marine packaging of large-scale precision equipment. Aluminum foil vacuum bags of different specifications, styles, and requirements can be tailored according to customer requirements. It can truly and effectively achieve complete vacuum and isolate moisture, and can effectively prevent the saline-alkali erosion of seawater during sea transportation. The moisture-proof, rust-proof, and shielding functions of large-scale machinery, chemical materials, electronic products, and metal products. The most commonly used aluminum foil film thicknesses are 10um, 12um, 14um, 16um, and 18um.

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