Basics of Plastic Injection Mould for Washing Machine Parts


  With more than 20 years of experience in the field of […]

  With more than 20 years of experience in the field of home appliance injection molds, Rixiang Mould is able to provide high-quality injection molds for plastic washing machine parts, and these basic knowledge have also been applied. Here comes the aspect that cannot be ignored: part forming analysis.


  In order to ensure the manufacture of ideal plastic products, it is necessary to understand the purpose of the parts, use conditions, appearance requirements, etc. In addition to a reasonable choice of plastic, the molding process of plastic parts must also be considered. The molding analysis of plastic parts is directly related to mold design. Only when the design of plastic parts can meet the requirements of the molding process, can a reasonable mold structure be designed. This not only ensures the smooth forming of plastic parts, but also improves productivity and reduces costs.


  Part forming analysis


  For plastic washing machine parts, four main tips should be considered first.


  1. Draft angle


  In order to easily take out the plastic part from the cavity or core, the reasonable draft angle of the inner and outer walls must be considered.


  2. Part hole


  Generally, in order to improve production efficiency, the holes on the part should be formed at one time. Otherwise, an easy follow-up process should be carefully designed.


  3. Part thickness


  It is very important to determine the wall thickness of the part reasonably. The wall thickness of the parts should be as uniform as possible and avoid being too thin, otherwise the plastic parts will be deformed due to uneven shrinkage and have other defects.


  4. Part strength


  The sturdy parts ensure the durability of the final washing machine. Therefore, attention should be paid to the structural design of the strength of the parts, such as ribs and rounded corners.

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