Cooling And Efficiency Of Plastic Bucket Mould


We observe a Plastic Pail Mould product, it is very uni […]

We observe a Plastic Pail Mould product, it is very uniform, seemingly simple barrel mold, in fact, the technical points that need to be overcome are not as easy as imagined. The first thing is how to solve the problem of product eccentricity, which will directly lead to uneven injection molding and uneven cooling. In this way, the barrel mold cannot be produced for a long time, and there is no way to repair it later. Secondly, there is the problem of mold production cycle cycle. Generally, the cycle cycle of 20L barrels on the market is about 40s. If you want to increase efficiency, you have to reduce the cycle time, save labor costs, electricity costs, and time costs.
Customers generally choose P20 or 718H. High-end customers will choose 2738, which means adding beryllium copper to reduce cooling time.
Therefore, the choice of whether to shorten the cooling time depends on the need for high efficiency. For example, if mass production is required, we think adding beryllium copper is a good choice. We are committed to providing customers with a complete set of mold solutions, if you need it, please consult or contact us.

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