Tips For Using Paint Buckets


We are a professional injection mold manufacturing comp […]

We are a professional injection mold manufacturing company, mainly developing barrel molds, packaging molds, daily necessities molds and other molds, and provide turnkey solutions for industrial packaging. Among them, Paint Pail Mould is one of our products. In real life, when we decorate the house or paint the walls, we usually use paint buckets. These products are injection molded from paint bucket molds. There are skills to open the paint bucket, let's take a look.
Tips for using paint bucket: Open the lid and use a screwdriver to pry loose the bayonet under the paint bucket lid. Just pry it halfway, don't pry it all.
1. Open the lid at 45 degrees. The lower half of the lid has a rubber gasket for sealing. Do not break it. This is the key to ensuring the tightness. The better the tightness, the longer the storage time.
2. After opening the lid, the paint can be used normally. Note that when using, try not to let the rubber pad occupy the paint, so as not to affect the air tightness of the box cover.
3. Put the rubber pad under the lid of the paint bucket first, and then close the lid. When closing the lid, make sure that the rubber pad is sandwiched between the lid and the mouth of the bucket. Do not let the plastic pad fall into the paint bucket.
4. After closing, press the bayonet down firmly to fasten it. Don't be too tight, just buckle it.
5. The plastic cushion in the cover is the key to ensuring air tightness. Be careful not to break it when opening the cover.
6. When closing the lid, the plastic pad is particularly easy to fall into the paint bucket. Be sure to close the lid after the plastic cushion is secured on the barrel.
For the opening of the paint bucket, everyone must pay attention to the specific method, and at the same time learn more about the relevant knowledge, so as to facilitate our normal life, we must pay attention to the specific method in the process of using it, and pay more attention to the overall quality.
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