Design Requirements For 20L Bucket Mould


Design requirements for 20L Bucket Mould :   1. Th […]

Design requirements for 20L Bucket Mould :


1. The mold should be designed to be strong, because the paint bucket mold is a deep cavity mold, and the plastic melting index used is relatively low (it needs to use MFI8 or lower plastics), so the pressure during molding is relatively large if the mold is not strong enough, the lifespan is shorter.


2. After the paint bucket is made of plastic with relatively low MFI, the gate should be large and the flow rate should be increased, otherwise it will be difficult to form. The needle valve hot runner system is adopted to increase the flow and facilitate the better molding of the paint bucket. And the needle valve hot runner can be pre-molded synchronously with the DKM injection molding machine to shorten the cycle.


3. More output at the same time is a very good choice to increase profits, so it is very necessary to shorten the molding cycle of the mold. The beryllium copper inserts are added in many places in the mold to achieve the purpose of reducing the cycle.


①The design of belly inlaid beryllium copper + cooling rod greatly improves the cooling of the bezel and improves the production cycle.


②Beryllium copper is inlaid on the top of the head to help rapid cooling near the gate area (the temperature near the gate is relatively high due to the hot runner, conventional steel materials are difficult to cool, and the molding cycle is long).


③The diameter of the mold water channel is larger, and the number of channels is increased, but the machining accuracy is higher, the processing time is longer, and the cost will increase accordingly.

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