Selection Requirements For China 18L Pail Mould


Plastic barrels are common chemical products in our liv […]

Plastic barrels are common chemical products in our lives. We often use it to hold some liquid. Below, the selection requirements of China 18L Pail Mould :


1. When choosing plastic barrel products, fully understand the relevant properties of plastics. Different processing and molding methods have a great impact on the performance of 25-liter plastic barrels and other products.


2. Investigate the manufacturers and use plastic barrels in the industry for a long time, so that suppliers can avoid trouble as much as possible. If the purchased quantity is large, purchase directly from the plastic barrel manufacturer and obtain the certificate of the plastic raw material manufacturer.


3. Observe the barrel. Some plastic buckets have smooth surfaces and uniform colors. This is because plastic pellets need to be heat-melted before being produced into plastic buckets. Good equipment can dissolve plastic particles to a higher degree.


4. When purchasing plastic barrels, which are used to store and transport corrosive chemical liquids, the main raw materials of plastic barrels should be polypropylene or polyester bottles.


5. Plastic buckets filled with water can also be used for drop tests. In principle, buckets with a leather weight of more than 9kg have a drop height of 1.8m, which is suitable for the needs of plastic bucket tipping.

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