Excellent Plastic Injection Chair Mould Solutions


  Rixiang mould provides comprehensive solutions for hi […]

  Rixiang mould provides comprehensive solutions for high-quality injection chair molds-from plastic chair concept design, plastic chair mold design and molds, injection molding training, and other content that customers may need-we can help you focus on your business and make your plastic Chair production is more efficient.


  Reliable injection molding chair mold solutio


  Can provide comprehensive plastic chair mould


  Armchair mould no armchair mould dining chair mould children chair mould gas-assisted chair mould plastic rattan table mould art chair mould folding chair mould bus chair mould


  Didn't find the type of plastic chair you want to make? Contact us now, our professional sales engineer will reply as soon as possible. Most plastic chair molds can be done well here.


  Detailed display of excellent plastic chair mould


  The excellent plastic chair mold finally shows a short cycle and strong plastic chair with a smooth surface. Here are a few points to ensure the quality of the plastic chair mold.


  Parting line


  Reasonable structure (such as robotic arm slider, thimble, exhaust...)


  Special design (such as gas-assisted molding.)


  Interchangeable seat back inserts (suitable for different seat back versions but cost-saving)


  Injection Chair Mould Case


  If you are looking for a high-quality plastic chair mold from a reliable mold manufacturer in China to ensure excellent quality, fast delivery time and timely service, please contact us today to see how rixiang mold can help you.

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