Key Points Of Injection Mold Design For Anti-theft Screw Cap Mould


  Plastic anti-theft bottle caps not only require consu […]

  Plastic anti-theft bottle caps not only require consumers to be easy to open, but also to avoid leakage problems caused by poor sealing performance. How to reasonably control the sealing performance of the bottle cap is the focus of the manufacturer's online or offline inspection. The main index parameters of plastic anti-theft bottle caps are opening torque and torsion torque.


     Therefore, several aspects need to be considered in mold design.


  The number and arrangement of the cavities, the clamping force of the injection molding machine, the injection volume, and the accuracy and economic factors of the bottle cap mold accessories.


  The gating system adopts a three-plate point gate, the gate is located in the center of the top, the appearance is high in quality, and the plastic surface is beautiful. The gate will automatically break during demolding, which improves production efficiency and increases economic benefits.


  The cooling system and the mold temperature adjustment system directly affect the quality and production efficiency, and the perfect moving and fixed mold waterway speeds up the cycle.


  Design of demoulding mechanism. Due to the good flexibility of PE, forced demolding is adopted, which simplifies the mold structure and reduces the mold clamping height, and adopts a combined demolding mechanism of a limit plate and a push plate.

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