The Key Points To Make A Better Paint Bucket Mold


Rixiang Mould is a professional Chinese barrel mold man […]

Rixiang Mould is a professional Chinese barrel mold manufacturer. Every year we produce different Paint Bucket Moulds, paint barrel molds and trash can molds for foreign markets.

  In the past 15 years, we have made many barrel molds for our customers. We have summarized some technical points and can share the design and manufacture of paint barrel molds with you. Hope this technical point can help you choose a partner.

  1. Professional bucket mold design is the principle of a good bucket mold.

  Especially in terms of cooling system design, in our company, we have designed a cooling system in the core, slider, scraper, and cavity.

  For the paint bucket mold core, design a cooling channel 15mm below the molding surface, and the diameter of the paint bucket mold cooling channel should be greater than 12mm to make the water flow smoothly in the channel while taking away the heat in the core.

  For the paint bucket mold cavity, the design of the cooling system near the tip of the hot runner is very important, which is very sensitive. A poor cooling system will directly affect the cycle time and appearance of the bucket.

  2. It is very important to choose the right bucket steel.

  In order to manufacture high-quality paint bucket molds, we must choose the right steel for the bucket mold.

  Generally, for a mold with a paint bucket mold life of 1 million, it is recommended to use HRC35-38 to select 2738 as the cavity and core steel.

  For a 20-liter barrel mold with a life of more than 3 million, we recommend choosing 2344 cavity and core steel for HRC45-48.

  Of course, some customers want to achieve high-speed injection with a short cycle time. We recommend using inserts in the core top, cavity bottom and slider.

  3. The precise mold ensures uniform injection and material flow.

  The core of the paint bucket mold is eccentric, resulting in uneven wall thickness and the bucket is off-center.

  This problem is very common, but it is harmful to the life of the mold.

  Therefore, a good and precise selection of processing technology is very important.

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