The Scope And Characteristics Of 18l Barrel Mold


No matter what specifications of the plastic barrel mol […]

No matter what specifications of the plastic barrel mold, such as 20L, 18L Pail Mould, their scope of application is summarized as follows:
Plastic packaging barrels are mostly used for the storage and transportation of various liquids. They have good characteristics for special dangerous goods. They are not easy to break, rust, light, and not easily deformed. They are also resistant to oil and strong corrosion. Used for packaging of dangerous goods requiring heat preservation, moisture resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. It is mostly used to hold liquid and solid objects in chemical raw materials, pesticides, lubricants, coatings, medicine, food, hardware and electronics, electromechanical and other industries. The specifications range from 100mL—200L.
The functions and features of buckets are also similar, summarized as follows:
1. The plastic barrel is beautiful and smooth inside and outside, no welding seamless, light weight, good strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and convenient transportation.
2. Long service life, under normal filling, transportation and loading and unloading conditions, the shelf life is 1.5 years.
3 Product technical parameters strictly comply with national standards, and product appearance design and product dimensions can also be tailored according to needs.
4. It can be used for hot filling, and the general temperature should not exceed 60℃. After hot filling, wait for the contents to cool down and cool down to room temperature before closing the lid and stacking.
5. If you contain easily dispersible chemicals, you can use a cover with exhaust function to avoid the danger of overpressure during transportation, and at the same time ensure the sealing performance of the liquid.
Product features: warehouse stacking and canning, the whole process greatly saves space and materials. Light weight, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, reduced pollution, super clean, at the same time it has acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, non-toxic, sterile, tasteless, and has excellent flexibility and impact resistance. It meets the requirements of medical testing .

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