Things To Pay Attention To When Opening The Barrel Mold


What aspects should be paid special attention to when o […]

What aspects should be paid special attention to when opening plastic Pail Moulds?
Many utensils and daily necessities in daily life are all made of plastic injection molding, such as plastic buckets and washbasins that we use every day. Here are some difficult points about plastic bucket opening molds and how to avoid them.
There are not many difficult problems when opening molds in plastic buckets, but all the small problems are fatal problems. The products are not in the same direction and uneven wall thickness is a big problem. The uneven glue is uneven and the ejection is difficult. The surface of the mold is easy to punch and the core punches. Crooked, wavy marks on the surface of the product, sticking to the front mold,,,, plastic barrel mold because of its simple structure, and all hidden problems are connected to each other. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear idea from the beginning of mold design. And use good manufacturing practical experience to avoid potential problems in subsequent mold manufacturing and injection molding production.
How to ensure the concentricity of plastic buckets?
Is the wall thickness symmetrical? Manual work on the parting line is one of the reasons for uneven wall thickness. Naturally, most of the reasons are caused by the 3D design of the plastic barrel mold and poor lighting of the cavity core. So when we first started designing a plastic bucket mold, we had to consider the element of wall thickness. Sometimes, we want to make some areas thicker because it can ensure the strength of the barrel. But at the same time we have to think about this problem carefully. It is because the uneven wall thickness will cause uneven injection molding and uneven cooling. This will slow down the injection speed, and at the same time will cause a microcosm. If the CNC milling process is not accurate, you will never get a well-balanced oil drum.
How to ensure the durability of barrel mold polishing?
It is because the core cavity of the mold is not corroded by the plastic. You must ensure that the steel is chrome-plated and the hardness exceeds 33°. If you use some recycled materials to produce, the plastic barrel mold needs to be chrome-plated. Otherwise, the mold must be polished frequently.

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