• Selection Requirements For China 18L Pail Mould

    Plastic barrels are common chemical products in our lives. We often use it to hold some liquid. Below, the selection requirements of China 18L Pail Mould :   1. When choosing plastic barrel products, fully understand the relevant properties of plastics. Different processing and molding methods have a great impact on the performance of 25-liter... read more

    Jan 07,2022 Industry News
  • Design Requirements For 20L Bucket Mould

    Design requirements for 20L Bucket Mould :   1. The mold should be designed to be strong, because the paint bucket mold is a deep cavity mold, and the plastic melting index used is relatively low (it needs to use MFI8 or lower plastics), so the pressure during molding is relatively large if the mold is not strong enough, the lifespan is shorte... read more

    Jan 14,2022 Industry News
  • The Polishing Process Of Bucket Mould

    The polishing process of Bucket Mould :   1. Fine polishing Fine polishing mainly uses diamond abrasive paste. If a polishing cloth wheel is used to mix diamond grinding powder or grinding paste for grinding, the usual grinding sequence is 9μm (#1800) ~ 6μm (#3000) ~ 3μm (#8000). 9μm diamond paste and polishing cloth wheels can be used to remo... read more

    Jan 21,2022 Industry News